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Produits RUCKUS Wireless
IoT Suite

The Ruckus IoT Suite is a collection of network hardware and software infrastructure components used to create a converged, multi-standard IoT access network.

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  • Ruckus IoT-ready Access Points (APs)—Accommodate Ruckus IoT Modules to establish multi-standards wireless access for Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi IoT endpoints.
  • Ruckus IoT Modules—Radio or radio-and-sensor devices that connect to a Ruckus IoT-ready AP to enable endpoint connectivity based on standards such as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Zigbee.
  • Ruckus SmartZone Controller—A network controller that provides a management interface for the WLAN.
  • Ruckus IoT Controller—A virtual controller, deployed in tandem with a Ruckus SmartZone OS-based controller, that performs connectivity, device and security management functions for non-Wi-Fi devices, as well as facilitate disparate endpoint management coordination and APIs for northbound integration with analytics software and IoT cloud services.



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